Convert Mac Mail to Mac Outlook with the most effective tool that makes your life so much easier!

Want to convert Mac Mail to Mac Outlook on your Mac but don’t know where to start with the conversion? Rest assured because converting from one email format to another is not only limited to professionals anymore since with the right tool you can convert your Mac Mail emails and export them to Outlook for Mac easily while saving time. However, we guess that you have had a bad experience with an exporter tool; as you have experienced some or all of the following problems:

  • They cause data loss of your Apple Mail email data which is unacceptable if you want complete data retention and wish to maintain data integrity. That is a loss when converting attachments and email content.
  • They process everything very slowly which makes them very slow in general when it comes to conversion. Thus, the conversion that is supposed to take minutes takes many hours to complete.
  • They have conversion issues as they are unable to handle all data types which make them inefficient. Moreover, they fail to understand and eventually preserve all languages especially those stored in Unicode format.
  • Data corruption is one of the most common problems in some converters. Email corruption is another issue. Many paid converters are unable to detect any of these types of corruption which causes further data loss.
  • They do not preserve the hierarchy of the folders of Mac Mail. Hence, after the conversion process has completed, you won’t be able to discern where the emails came from, i.e., which folders they converted from. It can cause havoc if you have switched your entire Mac Mail mailbox!

Unfortunately, many paid converters that are available right now have one or more of these problems inherent in them. But you are not stuck using them because there is an exporter that we are going to tell you about soon. This converter will make it easier for you to convert your emails from Mac Mail emails to Outlook for Mac. What this converter does is that it saves the emails in a format and then you can import the converted result in your Outlook for Mac. It can be easily done on your Mac.

Professional exporter for exporting your emails

Gladwev’s Mail Exporter Pro is truly a professional tool that allows for you to convert your Mac Mail emails and then export them to Outlook for Mac. Don’t misunderstand because this tool is just as useful for beginners too! Just because it is professional does not mean that it is tailored only to the experts. If you are a novice user who wants to migrate emails from Mac Mail mailbox to Outlook for Mac, then you should at least try this tool once!

This tool is straightforward to use and understand all thanks to the easy explanations along the way. Everything is concise while giving you the apt description that you need. The wizard guides you through the entire process with ease. You have the advantage of contacting the customer care too in case of any problem while you use it. It’s a win-win situation for you. Also, this tool comes with the ability to recover emails from:

  • One > Apple Mail mailbox: if you are using Mac Mail on your Mac system.
  • Two > Apple Mail mailbox back up: if the backup of Apple Mail is stored on your disk.
  • Three > Apple Mail email archives: if you have archives of Apple Mail mailbox stored from earlier.

You can see how versatile this exporter is! It can get Apple Mail emails from any of the sources listed before. Moreover, you get a detailed log report that gives you all the necessary information regarding the exporting process. So if you want to know exactly what has happened then, this is a handy exporting tool for you.

Export Mac Mail to Mac Outlook on your Mac

What happens is that many times the attachments can be in different formats and the content of the email can be in a non-English language. Mail Exporter Pro can preserve everything that is a part of your email: the content and the attachments. It supports all languages and data types which allow it to protect each of them accurately and precisely. Also, it ensures that the folder hierarchy is also maintained every time.

With Mail Exporter Pro you can convert Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac 2011 and 2016 as well! You don’t need to look for another exporter to do the job for you. Isn’t that amazing? For future versions, this exporter will have updates that will allow you to use it for the newer version of Outlook for Mac. This makes it one of the most updated and useful exporters in the world! Honestly, though, you must use this Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac exporter at least once.

Best converter tool for Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac conversion

Mail Exporter Pro is the best exporter than you can get for your email exporting needs. Not only is it super efficient in everything it does but it comes at such a fantastic deal that you just cannot refuse. You will be surprised when you see how less it costs compared to other converters in the market at the moment. That is because Gladwev wants everyone to benefit from their product and so by lowering the price they are making it available to more people.

If you want to get the Mail Exporter Pro right now, then you can purchase it and use it right away! Since it is a digital order, there is no need to fear the delay of the software tool. You will get it immediately, and you will be able to convert your Mac Mail emails to Outlook for Mac in minutes! You can try the trial version of this software tool on your Mac today for free. There is no limit on the period you wish to try it. Get started today!