Use only the best tool to convert OLM files to Apple Mail client for accurate and quick Results

If you are looking to migrate Outlook Mac emails to another email platform, users, especially newbies, are advised to spend ample time researching and evaluating the different tools online before settling on one. We will recommend evaluating based on speed, accuracy, and simplicity of conversion process and if it’s a native app to macOS by reading reviews and verified customer feedback on renowned sites like Amazon, etc. If you follow this, you will avoid hassles and troubles in store that typically accompany inferior software that has flooded the market today. As a novice, it is easy to get confused when trying to find the perfect tool that meets all your conversion needs for converting olm to Apple Mail. However, this article will take you through all you need to know when it comes to migrating Mac Outlook olm files into Apple Mail supported, mbox format.

Use only the best tool to convert olm files to Apple Mail client for accurate and quick results

Olm to Apple Mail client conversion software is very useful for users facing various issues with their Outlook Mac. These may include the inability to view emails due to some system errors or data corruption hence requiring recovery. Some of us simply prefer another email client app as opposed to Mac Outlook and that is enough reason for a change. Whatever your reasons, the only trick is to invest in an excellent email conversion solution that should not only make your work easier by accurately converting olm files to mbox format, but also comes with additional features that enhance your experience.

A lot of experienced users have gone through the painful process of losing precious email files because of using a substandard tool. Well, if you wish to never go through that again, then you are at the right place. We at Gladwev Software came up with a simple to use mail conversion solution for your olm file to Apple Mail conversion needs after identifying the gap area that none of the solutions in the market could perform to the correct standards. As a result, you get a fast, stable and professional tool that will ensure you never have to go through the fear of data loss and corruption.

Gladwev Outlook Mac to Apple Mail Converter is the best in the market – find out why

With Gladwev Outlook Mac to Apple Mail Converter, you will never have to worry about the safety of your emails. This mail conversion solution ensures no data loss during conversion process along with a 100% efficiency in results since it was first introduced in the market. That explains why it is loved by fans and critics too. The size or complexity of your files. This solution will handle it all, and more importantly, give you the peace of mind you deserve.
The Gladwev Outlook Mac to Apple Mail Converter offers the dual functionality of converting the olm files to mbox as well as converting directly from Outlook Identity in case you have got a corrupt olm file archive at hand. It enables users to gain access to their Outlook for Mac emails in Apple Mail within no time since the transition will be very smooth. To know what this tool can do for you, check out its features below:

  1. It will not just convert Emails from olm to Apple Mail client
    This solution lets you convert all Emails, Contacts, Calendar, attachments, images, link entries from Outlook for Mac mailbox.Once the conversion is completed, you get a 100% Apple Mail Compatible mbox file, ready for import in Apple Mail client.
  2. Preservation of folder hierarchy and labels
    Gladwev’s OLM Converter Pro is designed such that after exporting olm to mbox formats, it takes special care to ensure the converted content will retain the same structure and hierarchy. It boasts as the only tool in the market to pull-off this handy feature correctly. As a result, it saves you the trouble of having to organize the emails yourself like when using other software on the market.
  3. Choose folders before you migrate your mails
    You can choose specific folders that you need to be converted and avoid any unnecessary email folders for conversion criteria. Users get a choice before performing the email migration process. It helps with moving only the relevant emails from olm to Apple mail client.
  4. Rapid conversion of multiple files
    The OLM Converter Pro accurately converts each olm file component file to Apple Mail‘s mbox format in a short time interval. Thanks to its advanced conversion algorithms, it can quickly convert unlimited batches of olm files and save them in Apple Mail’s supported mbox format, etc.

Too good to be true? Try the free demo version and be the judge
Users who are skeptical about the capability of the OLM Converter Pro are in luck. Anyone can try this tool and confirm that it works for their needs using the trial version. The free demo version is available online. You can convert ten emails in every folder of Outlook Mac to test out this magnificently simple to use app.



Is there a size limit to the number of olm files I can transfer to Apple Mail using this tool?

Answer: No, you can convert olm email files in bulk using the OLM Converter Pro. Also, the size of an individual olm file or folder is not an issue.

Can I export MAC Outlook email attachments to Apple Mail?

Answer: Yes, you can easily export attachments contained in your Mac Outlook database along with your original email messages, tasks, contacts, etc. The OLM Converter Pro leaves nothing behind.