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Our Little Story. How did it all started?

We were trying to migrate our emails from one platform to another?

In theory, mail migration should be an easy process: export the info, move the exported file, import the info. In practice, though, it’s nothing like that. Migrating your emails between softwares can easily become an arduous task. We’re not joking: precious information and attached documents can get lost, data can get corrupted, and an overall batch of issues can show up if given the slightest chance to do so.

The market, as always, didn’t fret to come up with different alternatives to solve this problem, many of which were poorly developed and pushed to the users without any security concerns at very high prices. That early software brought a whole lot of complications alongside it, and the users were forced to deal with them all without any help.

Then, we came into play. At Gladwev®, we always develop our mail migration solutions with the user in mind — that’s why we initially launched our much improved software at a competitive price, lowering the competition. Guess what? Just when we did that, all those alternatives started lowering their prices below ours, well knowing that they were overpriced since the very beginning.

At Gladwev®, however, we’ve improved our products constantly, but we haven’t ever faced the need to lower our prices for two main reasons.

First, because we know and believe in our products. We build them from the ground up. We know they’re great. We wouldn’t hand them to you if they weren’t — we care the most about our users. We don’t need to lower any barriers to bring customers into our software, because they walk in by themselves. The quality of our products is top-notch, and that shows.

Second, because we have always been honest to our customers, and we won’t start now. Our products are priced for what they are worth: nothing more, nothing less. We won’t play with the price tag simply because that’s not our game.

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