Convert Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac while keeping your Mac Mail email data intact and secure!

Want to know how to convert Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac on your Mac in the best possible way? Then read on to find out because there is one software tool that is efficient, time-saving and simple to use.

Need of conversion of Mac Mail emails

What is the need of conversion of Mac Mail emails to Outlook for Mac? Here are the top most reasons why you would need to convert Mac Mail emails to Outlook for Mac:

  • When you want to migrate your emails from Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac.
  • When you want to start using Outlook for Mac, but you want all the emails from Mac Mail to remain.
  • When you want to keep a copy of your Mac Mail emails in your Outlook for Mac account.

Conversion from Mac Mail format to Outlook for Mac becomes mandatory if you want to perform any of the above procedures. For you to be able to do that safely, you need an exporter that ensures:

  • The safety of your emails during exporting process.
  • Full preservation of your email data.
  • Complete support for all data types and languages that can be a part of Mac Mail.

How to Export Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac on your Mac in minutes?

If you are someone who is looking for an exporter that is fast and does the task at hand efficiently then Gladwev’s Mail Exporter Pro is your best bet. This exporter tool is one of the leading software tools that you can use for exporting your Mac Mail emails to Outlook for Mac in minutes. It is much faster than other exporters that claim to be super efficient but in reality cause loads of data loss to occur. We promise Mail Exporter Pro is a pro!

This software tool can accurately process and convert your Mac Mail emails so that they can easily be imported into Outlook for Mac. What it does is that it processes the various parts that are found in every Mac Mail email and then converts it such that it can be imported precisely. For example, this tool can process email attachments including multi-levels of attachments too! Hence, your attachments will be impeccably exported as well.

Easily convert Apple Mail on Mac to Outlook for Mac

This marvelous exporter is incredibly easy to use, all thanks to the expert team of Gladwev that knows that every individual should be able to convert independently. You don’t have to depend on other people helping you out on your conversions anymore. This software tool is here to do just that and much more. Once you start using this tool, you will be hooked in no time! It works smoothly and uses the least number of RAM resources.

You can convert your Mac Mail emails from different sources with the help of Gladwev’s exporter tool. You can effortlessly convert from the following locations:

  • On your Mac, if you are currently using Apple Mail there.
  • On your disc, if you have a backup of your Mac Mail emails there.
  • On any location in your Mac or apart from your Mac where you have stored Mac Mail email archives.

That means you can easily convert your Mac Mail email files from any location as this exporter can still help you export them to Outlook for Mac.

Outline of steps to convert Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac with Mail Exporter Pro

Here is an overview of the steps you need to follow to convert Mac Mail emails to Outlook for Mac:

STEP 1: First, launch the software.

STEP 2: Select the source of the email data. You have the following options:

Express mode: The software loads the folder automatically on your Mac.

Custom mode:

Archive: Choose this when you have Mac Mail archives.
Backup location: Choose this when you have a backup of Mac Mail emails.

STEP 3: Select pst file format to save your email files.

STEP 4: You can let the default size of the resulting pst file be the same, or you can choose to change it.

STEP 5: Launch Outlook for Mac on your Mac and go to Menu then Import.

STEP 6: Select Outlook for Windows archive file and then click on pst file that you saved earlier. Now click on import.

STEP 7: Let the import procedure be completed fully. You will find the imported files on the left pane of your Outlook mailbox.

See how easy it is?

Flawless conversion with full preservation from Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac

Mail Exporter Pro promises that your emails are safely converted and exported. It takes great care in also ensuring that the emails are preserved fully. For example, you will find that every little speck of detail has been taken care of when the conversion is taking place. The tool guarantees the full preservation of your email data. It recognizes every non-English language too which allows it to convert your email content with utmost ease.

Have you segregated your Mac Mail emails into separate folders in an organized manner? If so then you are in for surprise as this exporter tool preserves the folder hierarchy just like you organized it in your Mac Mail mailbox. That means when the conversion is taking place then the converted files are in their respective folders. Moreover, when you export these files, they are stored in those correct folders making it easier for you to work with!

The trial version is available for free!

You can try the trial version of Mail Exporter Pro on your Mac this second. It is available for free, and there is no time limit to how long you use it for. Download it and try it whenever you get time. No rush! Moreover, you can export up to ten emails per folder from your Mac Mail to Outlook for Mac in the trial. Whenever you are ready, you can place your order and get the software tool immediately! Start the trial today!