Convert files from OLM to EML without losing a single bit of data

The necessity to convert an OLM file to EML is because EML files are supported in Windows Live Mail to import emails, notes or journals. It’s a well-known fact that Outlook 2011, 2016 is only available on Mac OS and therefore their emails can only be migrated from one Mac Outlook to another on Apple OS X. All the emails and other mailbox items of Outlook 2011/2016 are exported into an OLM archive that is responsible to store all the mailbox items of Outlook Mac. But, OLM files are only supported in Mac Outlook and are of no use for the Windows users. These programs support EML files to import into it. Converting your data from OLM to EML without losing any information is quite a serious job. So for such kind of job you need a comprehensive OLM to EML Converter tool which can perform the task with ease and accuracy.

Characteristics of OLM to EML Conversion tool

  • The EML file is universally supported and it can be easily imported into any application.
  • The tool allows the users to create EML files from a minor corrupted or damaged OLM file.
  • The OLM to EML Converter application maintains all the properties and attributes of the Mac Outlook emails such as attachments, email address, To, from, Date, Subject, Content etc.
  • The tool provides choice for the users to save the resultant EML files at default destination location i.e. Desktop or alter the destination location and save it at user specified location.
  • The OLM to EML Migration Tool provides the users dual method for conversion i.e. Single file conversion or batch
  • The OLM to EML Converter provides various file naming formats to save the resultant EML files with a specified name.

OLM to EML Converter License version

Convert OLM to EML Free: Gladwev OLM Converter Pro provides the free trial version of the software. The user can easily use the software and get an idea about its working experience. However, the trial version is limited. Once the trial version consumes the user needs to get the license version. Gladwev software company providing various licensed versions the software for multiple uses.

Single User License: With this license version you can convert all emails received by one person. However, the user can install the software application on multiple machines.

Household License: With this license version you can convert all emails received by you, your spouse and your kids. You can also install the software application on multiple machines.

Commercial License: This license is for a small firm with less than 50 employees. The conversion will be handled by IT support member for the members of the organization and firm only for one location only.

Enterprises License: This license version is for the big organization with 51-100+ employees. Conversion can be handled by IT support members of the organization and firm’s facilities worldwide.

Steps to Convert OLM to EML

convert olm file to emlolm to eml free

Click at agree dialog box.

olm to eml converter

First, select EML from Dropdown and once OLM added it will display the folder structure.

convert olm to eml

Now run the trial version or register license version.


export olm to eml

  • Here you have the option to choose the desired location for saving EML archive.

import olm to eml

  • Once the conversion starts, the display will be available on screen during conversion.

olm to eml conversion

  • Once the conversion gets completed successfully you will get a brief report.

migrate olm to eml

Tremendous list of features all consolidated onto the most popular ‘OLM to EML converter for Mac’!

Gladwev OLM Converter Pro is one of the most demanded tools for the task to convert OLM to EML format. Its extensive yet unique feature list has been enumerated hereunder. Have a glimpse of the most sort after features on this tool:

  • Interactive Interface: The interface of the tool serves as the bridge between the users and the technological configuration of the tool. The interface of this OLM to EML converter for Mac is excessively user-friendly; thus making it the perfect choice for beginners as well as experts.
  • Conversion of single or multiple files: Using this tool, the users can choose to convert one file at a time or huge chunk at once. Certainly, bulk conversion is the perfect route to quickly transforming a large database from OLM to EML format.
  • 100% conversion: This tool ensures that all of the data uploaded onto it for the conversion task is rebuilt perfectly. In short, it leaves nothing behind in the task to convert OLM to EML format.
  • Converts each and every bit of information: The tool has the perfect set of algorithms to convert each and every speck of information to be found on the email files. This includes items like contacts, calendars, attachments, notes, journals, etc. It also includes tricky items like non-English content, Unicode content, graphic images, nested messages, and the like.
  • Folder Hierarchy structure: The folder hierarchy structure of the data files is fully maintained in the process.
  • Lightning fast speed: The data is converted at lightning fast speed while fully securing the accuracy of the content.
  • Safety: The safety of the email files is fully guaranteed for two major reasons. First is that this is an offline mode tool which ensures exclusion of all sorts of online threats. Second is that this tool is entirely bug-free which thereby also saves the data files from occurrences of issues like data corruption, data modification, etc.

The tool is adept at giving out perfect replicas of the data files in record time. To try it out, click on the link below!

 An ‘OLM to EML conversion tool’ which is worth every penny!

Not many proficient tools can be found at nominal costs as are offered by this OLM to EML conversion tool. It has multiple license keys which can be chosen from depending on the budget and usage needs of the end user. The details of the same have been included hereunder:

INDIVIDUAL: The price of this key is $39. It should be purchased by those who wish to convert accounts at individual level.

HOUSEHOLD: This one can be purchased at $59. One can certainly convert their own accounts with the inclusion of the accounts of their family members as well.

COMMERCIAL: One can buy this key at just $199. This key is particularly useful of IT technicians, small organizations with less than 100 members, computer repair shops, etc.

ENTERPRISE: This one is the most expensive yet extremely affordable license key. It is affordable due to the huge set of accounts it allows to convert from OLM to EML. This one is useful for large organizations with 100+ employees spread across offices all over the world.

All the license keys come with free updates for life. Before investing their hard earned money however, the users get an open option to test out the features of this tool free of cost. They can opt to test it through the FREE demo version.

Click here to grab your copy now!

Unique advantages of choosing the best ‘OLM to EML conversion tool’!

There is no doubt that this OLM to EML conversion tool is nothing but the best tool to be found in the market for the task to convert OLM to EML format. To make this point vividly clear to the paranoid users out there, the following perks have been highlighted.

  • Error free results: The end results created by this tool are utterly precise. Every bit of information is recreated in the right place and order.
  • 24*7 customer support: In the hour of need, the users can fall back on the friendly round the clock customer care services.
  • Flexible installation options: A question that is often a little too often pertains to the usability under different environments. The good news is that this tool can be installed both on computers and laptops.
  • Instant access: The users can expect the delivery of the license key details within 15 minutes of the purchase.
  • Refunds: Another key advantage that the users get to have is that they can expect refund of their money in case they face an issue that is not resolved by technical agents.

The trial version awaits you!

Perfect rating for the perfect ‘OLM to EML converter for Mac’!

5 star rating is what is expected of the best tool and that is exactly what this OLM to EML tool has! To know why it gets such a flawless review from the users, simply click on the link below and grab a demo copy now!

FAQs worth having a quick glimpse at!

Q1. Is the process to lengthy to convert OLM to EML format?

Ans. With this OLM to EML converter for Mac it takes only 6 clicks to get the job done. The flow of the task looks somewhat like:

Download, install, and launch the toolà Upload the OLM filesà Select/Deselect the data files for final conversionà Choose output format as desiredà Click on convertà Locate the final files.

Q2. Which tool transforms the Unicode content with precision?

Ans. This OLM to EML converter for Mac has all the skills and algorithms that are required to rebuild varied content present on the email files. This certainly includes the complicated Unicode content too.

Q3. What can a user do to convert OLM to EML if they do not have technical expertise?

Ans. The great thing about technological advancement is that it often comes in user-friendly manifestations. Such is the case with this OLM to EML converter tool. It has the most comprehensible interface coupled with 24*7 customer care services. In short, it is extremely suitable for the conversion needs of beginners.

Q4. Which tool allows conversion of data files without modifying them?

Ans. Data modification is a common outcome in the task to convert OLM to EML format. But with this tool in hand, the users can expect perfect replicas of the data files at the end of the process.

Q5. Is there a tool that can convert a corrupted OLM file to EML format?

Ans. Of course there is! This OLM to EML conversion tool is designed to even convert slightly corrupt OLM files with 100% accuracy.

Q6. What is the quickest way to precisely convert the mails from OLM to EML?

Ans. The safest and the quickest route to getting perfect replicas in the OLM to EML conversion task is by the way of choosing this tool for the task. It works at lightning fast speed to deliver the final results. Certainly, it ensures that the quality of the data files remains unaffected.

Q7. Which tool ensures conversion of email addresses in the OLM to EML conversion task?

Ans. This OLM to EML tool has been designed to approach each and every element on the data file with delicacy. It converts contacts, calendars, notes, attachments, etc with 100% accuracy.

Q8. Do I get full access to the tool with the FREE demo version?

Ans.. The FREE demo trail version is meant for testing purposes and thereby it extends the use of the major features of the tool to the users. The limitation is on the number of files that can be converted, i.e. it allows conversion of 10 items per folder.

Q9. Which license key should I opt for if I have to convert accounts of 3 different users?

Ans.. The household license key would suit the requirements of users who wish to convert accounts of their own and their family members. It is available at just $59.

Q10. How much time does it take to convert OLM to EML?

Ans. This tool is known to convert approximately 1 GB in less than 10 minutes. Therefore, the users can expect conversion within a flash.

Software specifications for the stupendous ‘OLM to EML’ tool!

Defined hereunder are the brief specifications for this OLM to EML converter for Mac:

  • Operating system requirements: This OLM to EML tool is works well with Mac OS like Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and above.
  • OLM files origin source: Certainly, this tool supports the .olm files. The sources included for the same are Outlook Mac 2011, Outlook Mac 2016, and Office 365 for Mac.
  • Numerous output options: The users have the option to convert their OLM files to work in different email clients like Apple mail, Mac Mail, MBOX, Thunderbird, Postbox, and Entourage.
  • Output formats: .mbox, .eml, .rge are the formats that this tool converts the .olm files to.

Click here and start converting OLM to EML with full perfection!

olm to eml free