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About PST Converter Pro for Mac OS

When dealing with Outlook, there’s a fair chance you’ll come across the need to migrate your mails into another email client. All of a sudden, you’ll face a problem far bigger than expected: different formats, different client requirements, different software, and the list goes on.

If you’re exporting your emails from Outlook on a Windows OS, you’ll end up with a bunch of.pst files — which, sadly, can’t be migrated into other clients such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox or Entourage. It would seem you’ve reached a dead end, but fear no more; we’re here to help you.

PST Converter Pro is our solution to all your .pst conversion needs. It’s professional, it’s efficient, it’s reliable, it’s fast, and it’s secure.

Our product has some unique features that distinguish it further from our competitors:

Outlook PST to Entourage Migration on Mac OS

Migrating your emails from Outlook PST to Entourage (2004/2008) will no longer be a problem. Your contacts, social calendars and folder hierarchy will be kept intact, and your information will be migrated seamlessly.

PST to MBOX & EML Conversion

The MBOX and EML file formats are standardized, versatile file formats for emails. Migrate your emails from Outlook PST to MBOX and EML files and open them on Apple Mail, Microsoft Entourage, Thunderbird, Postbox and other mail clients.

Convert Password Protected PST Files

Have you come across those password protected PSTs which seem impossible to migrate? Don’t worry about those — they can be dealt with. Just load them into PST Converter Pro and start converting.

Non-English Content Preservation in PST file

All unicode content and double-byte characters, such as Chinese and Japanese, will be preserved in the conversion. Lose no information, no matter the language it’s written in.

Attachment Preservation in PST files during Conversion

There’s more value to mail than its content — usually, there are precious attachments also involved. We’ll make sure none of your attached documents gets lost on the migration.

Nested Messages & Hierarchy Preservation

Nested mails get easily overlooked in migration software. Hidden from first sight, other products tend to forget about them. PST Converter Pro does not. All nested mails and folder hierarchy will get special treatment.

In addition to all those traits, PST Converter Pro brings some more onto the table:

Performs PST to Mac Mail Conversion Directly on Mac:

You won’t need to work on a Windows computer. You won’t even need to have Outlook installed — all you’ll have to do is load those .pst files on your Mac and start the conversion right away.

Contact Formatting into vCards:

Emails have a lot of contact info and photos attached. All of it can get lost if it’s not stored correctly. PST Converter Pro deals with all that contact data methodically, processing over 60 Contact Fields into single vCards.

Pretty good, ain’t it? Don’t take our word for it, though.

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Compatible with Mac OS X (Leopard) 10.5 and above (Mojave Ready)


What all features are limited in PST Converter Pro Trial Version ?

It’s a fully functional copy of the app and lets you experience the PST to Mbox conversion process first hand. Only limitation is while exporting the converted data, the app exports only 10 mails each folder while using Trial version of our App.

I no longer have access to my PC and need to perform conversion on my new Mac, is it possible or do i need to have access to PC for PST to Mac Mail conversion ?

Gladwev PST Converter Pro is the only app that works directly on Mac. You will simply need the Outlook Windows PST file archives on a USB disc or portable backup drive and the conversion will be completed on your Mac . You can import the output file in Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Entourage or a Mail client of your choice and are all set.

Do I need to Wait for the Physical product to be shipped to start with pst to Mac mail conversion process ?

No, not at all, our software is a Digital Download as we care for mother earth, the software can be downloaded instantly. You will receive a License key on your email address specified while placing the order with in 15 minutes. You are all set to proceed with conversion, after Activating your PST Converter Pro license.


PST Converter Pro Migrates Mail from : Outlook 2003, 2007, 2013, 0ffice 365 for Windows
PST Converter Pro Migrates Mail to :Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Postbox, Entourage
Input file format :.pst file , Outlook Windows Archive
Output file format :mbox , eml

We just put a free trial, so, why don’t you check it for yourself?

Why don’t you check it? Give it a go!