How to convert files from OLM to Thunderbird

Thunderbird can only read files in MBOX format. OLM format is not supported well on Thunderbird. Due to this reason, the user needs to Export OLM to Thunderbird format first. The Thunderbird is an open source of the email client. It has no maintenance charge as it is available free cost. It is so simple to use with advanced features. Thunderbird gives you the option to add multiple email ids to manage all mailboxes at one place. It provides facility to send and receive emails with the address book. There are several third-party tools are available in online market to convert OLM to Thunderbird but most of the tools are able to convert OLM to MBOX format so users need to import converted MBOX files in Thunderbird while this software is able to import OLM file to Thunderbird directly without any manual step. The Gladwev OLM Converter Pro is known as one of the best software to convert OLM to Thunderbird.

Features of OLM to Thunderbird Converter

  • You can easily import OLM file to Thunderbird without showing any error message
  • Separate option to convert OLM calendars into generic ICS format
  • Separate option to convert OLM Contacts to Thunderbird contacts
  • Multiple saving options to convert OLM files
  • Convert OLM to Thunderbird with email attachments and components
  • It supports all editions of Mac Outlook like 2011, 2016
  • It supports all editions of Windows Operating Systems

OLM to Thunderbird Converter License version

Convert OLM to Thunderbird Free: Gladwev OLM Converter Pro provides the free trial version of the software. The user can easily use the software and get an idea about its working experience. However, the trial version is limited. Once the trial version consumes the user needs to get the license version. Gladwev software company providing various licensed versions the software for multiple uses.

Single User License: With this license version you can convert all emails received by one person. However, the user can install the software application on multiple machines.

Household License: With this license version you can convert all emails received by you, your spouse and your kids. You can also install the software application on multiple machines.

Commercial License: This license is for a small firm with less than 50 employees. The conversion will be handled by IT support member for the members of the organization and firm only for one location only.

Enterprises License: This license version is for the big organization with 51-100+ employees. Conversion can be handled by IT support members of the organization and firm’s facilities worldwide.

 Steps to Convert OLM to Thunderbird.

Download now:-

olm to thunderbird macimport olm to thunderbird mac

Click at Agree Dialog Box

OLM to Thunderbird Converter

  • Firstly, select Thunderbird _Postbox from the Drop down and Once OLM added it will display the folder structure.

Convert OLM to Thunderbird

  • Run the trial version or the registered license version.

export olm to thunderbird

  • Select the location to save the Thunderbird.

import olm to thunderbird

  • While performing the conversion, you will get the details on screen,

olm to thunderbird conversion

  • Conversion is completed and you will a brief detail of reports.

migrate olm to thunderbird

Get the most proficient ‘OLM to Thunderbird conversion tool’ at astonishingly cheap prices!

Finding an OLM to Thunderbird conversion tool at a price that blends with the budget of the user is a rare occurrence. However, with Gladwev OLM Converter Pro it is absolutely possible as it comes in 4 different license keys all of which are reasonably priced. Here are the details of the same:

INDIVIDUAL KEY: This key is suitable for users who wish to convert OLM files to Thunderbird at an individual level. It can be procured at just $39.

HOUSEHOLD KEY: For users who wish to convert the accounts of family members along with their own, this key is the best fit. It can be purchased at just $59.

COMMERCIAL KEY: As can be guessed from the name itself, this key serves the conversion needs of small commercial enterprises with less than 100 employees, computer repair shops, IT technicians, etc. It is available at $199.

ENTERPRISE KEY: This is the final key which is available at $499. It is meant for larger organizations that have more than 100 members and have offices around the world.

Every user gets to have free updates for life with each license key. They can also purchase multiple license keys in a single order, if desired.

Before investing money into any of the licensed versions, it is recommended to download the FREE DEMO TRIAL VERSION of the tool. This offers limited use but is sufficiently enough for the user to analyze the potential of this tool with regards to the OLM to Thunderbird conversion job. Click on the link to get your copy!


Derive multiple advantages by using the best software to ‘convert OLM to Thunderbird format’!

Gladwev OLM Converter Pro is one of the most secure tools to get the OLM to Thunderbird conversion task done. It offers great advantages to the users. Under-mentioned are some of the best ones from the lot:

  • User friendly interface: The users experience a wondrous interface that lets them sail through the entire OLM to Thunderbird conversion process without any glitches. The instructions are vividly displayed on the screen and there is zero use of technical jargons. As such, even the beginners perfect the task without external help.
  • 24*7 customer support: While there are negligible chances of users getting stuck at any point during the conversion journey; they can always rely on the friendly round the clock customer care services.
  • Bulk file conversion: One major perk of using this tool is that it allows single file as well as bulk files conversion to the users. The multiple file conversion is certainly beneficial in terms of time and effort saving for the users.
  • Cent percent conversion rate: Each and every file uploaded onto this tool for the conversion process gets converted. There is nothing that is left untouched by this tool.
  • Converts everything: Email files are a bundle of information in the form of email messages, contacts, calendars, notes, journals, nested messages, graphic images, attachments, non-English content, and the like. As such, conversion of each and every element is utmost important to ensure creation of desired results. There is no doubt that this tool achieves that feat without fail.
  • Integrity of data files: It is not only important to convert every bit of information but also to convert files while maintaining their integrity in entirety. This tool restores the information while keeping the folder hierarchy structure fully intact.
  • Secure environment: The files move through a safe virus-free passage. Moreover, since this is an offline mode tool, the threats such as data theft, data breach, etc are kept at bay. The tool also keeps the data files safe from data modification or data corruption issues.
  • Supersonic speed: The conversion speed is extremely fast. It converts approximately 1 GB data in less than 10 minutes time. Thus, the users save enormous amount of time in the OLM to Thunderbird conversion task.
  • Perfect replicas: Irrespective of the technical expertise of the users, they get to have perfect mirror images of their data files in record time.
  • Computer and Laptop friendly: The tool works well on both the platforms.
  • Instant availability: The license key becomes available almost instantly and thus the users can begin with their conversion tasks as soon as 15 minutes (average delivery time) after the purchase.
  • Refunds: Yet another perk of picking this tool is that the users can expect refund in case they face an issue that remains unresolved by the technical team. This unfortunate situation, however, is highly unlikely with this fabulous tool.

The trial version awaits you!

Exemplary rating for the stupendous ‘OLM to Thunderbird converter for Mac’!

The tool comes with a fabulous 5 star rating. This rating of course is attributable to the flawless performance it gives every single time. The users can expect creation of absolute replicas of the data files in a single attempt.

Try it out now!

FAQs for those wanting to ‘convert OLM to Thunderbird’ without any hassles!

Q1. Can a user rebuild OLM files in Thunderbird instantly?

Ans. This tool certainly delivers the OLM to Thunderbird conversion results in a flash. It works at lightning fast speed to rebuild each and every speck of data with absolute precision. As a matter of fact, it converts about 1 GB data in less than 10 minutes. Thus, it is the fastest route to getting OLM to Thunderbird files.

Q2. In how many attempts can a user perfect the OLM to Thunderbird conversion task?

Ans. With this tool in hand, it takes only one gratifying attempt to get perfect replicas of the OLM files in Thunderbird format. Its user-friendly interface makes it all the more simple for the users to reach the final stage in record time.

Q3. Does this tool give discounts on the license keys?

Ans. The tool is one of the cheapest tools to be found in the market. It doesn’t thereby come with any discounts. The users can however apply for 10% educational discounts with valid support documents. They can also test it out for free via its FREE demo version.

Q4. Does this tool allow conversion of contacts and calendars?

Ans. This OLM to Thunderbird tool allows the users to convert all of everything that is contained on an email files. This includes items such as email addresses, to and from data, read/unread status, attachments, events, and the like.

Q5. Which tool allows the users to recover corrupted OLM files?

Ans. This OLM to Thunderbird tool has the perfect set of algorithms that help it in recovering even slightly corrupt OLM files with perfection.

Q6.Can a user convert only part of the database in the conversion task?

Ans. The tool allows the users to select or deselect the data files from the uploaded database. This means that the users can choose to leave behind undesired set of data files with just a few clicks.

Q7. How can a user keep the data files safe during OLM to Thunderbird conversion?

Ans. This OLM to Thunderbird tool is the safest tool to get the job done. Since it is an offline mode tool, there is an added security that the users experience. Of course, the inclusion of a well-known company in its very name speaks volumes for its credibility.

Q8. Can I convert content in Korean language in the OLM to Thunderbird conversion task?

Ans. This is an exemplary tool that has the perfect skills to convert content in non-English language built in double byte characters. Languages such as Korean, Chinese, etc are precisely converted by this tool.

Q9. Is it tricky to convert OLM to Thunderbird?

Ans. Conversion of data files from OLM to Thunderbird format is quite tricky, however, with this tool the task is made drastically simple even for the beginners.

Q10. What is OLM file?

Ans. An OLM file is the master repository file that contains all the information such as emails, contacts, calendars, etc. These get created when the users use any of the export options in Mac Outlook application.

Software specifications for the brilliant ‘OLM to Thunderbird converter for Mac’!

The software specification details for the best OLM to Thunderbird converter for Mac have been included below:

  • OS requirements: This is an exclusive tool that works on Mac OS. The users with Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and above can work with this tool hassle-free.
  • Outlook versions for OLM files: The OLM files supported by this tool can come from any of the Outlook versions like Outlook Mac 2011, Outlook Mac 2016, and Office 365 for Mac.
  • Output options: Apart from providing OLM to Thunderbird conversion, the users can also make use of this tool to convert OLM to Apple mail, Mac Mail, MBOX, EML, and Postbox.
  • Input format: The tool accepts .olm files for conversions.
  • Output formats: The tool converts the .olm files to formats like .mbox, .eml, .rge

To grab a FREE demo copy, simply click on the link below!

olm to thunderbird macimport olm to thunderbird mac