Export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac with Gladwev’s tool for quick and flawless results!

Is it possible, for you to efficiently export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac; such that you get impeccably accurate results. Where every single time you perform the conversion and export process? Let me tell you what to do, and you will soon realize all this is much easier than you have ever imagined!

Problems with the existing solutions to convert and export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac

Let me start with outlining the problems that exist with the options or software solutions that are available to you right now. In a nutshell, these options fall into the following three categories:

  • Manual method
  • Free converters
  • Paid converters

The manual method is the way that requires for you to do all the work. It can easily be said to be the most complicated of the three, and many novice users would honestly agree with that. The main reason is that since you have to do all the work, you need a good idea about the complete process. It is time consuming getting the conversion to take place in the first place. Then you have to wait for a few hours until the conversion has completed.

That is not all. The manual method also poses problems when it comes to data loss. It is unable to understand and handle corrupted attachments and any other problems that can occur during the conversion process. This makes it a real time-consuming procedure. To top it all off, there are not many good tutorials out there that aptly explains this process of manually converting and exporting your emails which make the task all the more difficult.

Next are the free converters for converting and exporting Apple Mail emails to Outlook for Mac. These are the first choice of anyone since they are available for free. However, there are limited options, and these do not guarantee even an average result! Hence, they are more like time waste without giving you any real and worthy results! Besides, they can come with viruses if they are downloadable and other such issues that can be a pain for someone who just wants to get their work done.

Paid converters are the most trustworthy of the three options. These give you reliable results, and there are higher chances of you getting what you pay for. That is, you are more likely to get the results that you expect. Although some would argue that bad converters do exist, we want to point out to you that not every paid converter is hopeless. Soon we are going to tell you about a converter and exporter that will surely put the other paid exporters to shame!

Efficient solution to export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac

Gladwev’s Mail Exporter Pro is an exporter tool that is the reliable, practical and straightforward. It ensures that you can quickly convert and export Apple Mail emails to Outlook for Mac. It can let you select specific folders from your mailbox and also gives you the freedom to convert and export your entire Apple Mail mailbox! This makes it versatile and flexible so that you don’t necessarily have to convert your entire mailbox when you want to migrate only a few folders.

What makes this exporter stand out from the crowd is the fact that it allows for quick conversion and export of Apple Mail emails to Outlook for Mac. Don’t get me wrong; it doesn’t just want to get over with the converting and exporting process. It does it with utmost care while ensuring that everything is just as it should be; perfect. There is no rush, but a lot of efficiency involved in the way Gladwev’s tool gets the conversion and exporting accomplished.

Complete preservation of email data when exporting from Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac

Mail Exporter Pro ensures that it completely preserves and retains the email data. That is, when your Apple Mail emails are being converted, every little part that contains data is retained in its original form. Furthermore, this exporter supports all languages which make it preserve the content of your emails precisely every time the conversion is done. Moreover, its complete range of support for data types also allows it to keep all the attributes of the emails perfectly well.

No other exporter understands Apple Mail emails as clearly as this exporter does. Nearly all attachments in Apple Mail are stored in emlx format. However, some attachments are not stored in this way. Mail Exporter Pro can process every emlx part attachment correctly and meticulously. This includes the ability to scrupulously handle more than one level of the emlx part which is a part of some Apple Mail emails sometimes.

Why is it beneficial for you to export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac with Gladwev’s tool?

Want to know why else you should export Apple Mail to Outlook for Mac with Mail Exporter Pro? Here are some of the features that will answer that question for you:

  • It is appropriate for beginners as well as for experts who have vast knowledge in the field of conversion and export processes.
  • It gives you the freedom to convert and export if you have Apple Mail email archives, backup of Apple Mail emails and if you are currently using Apple Mail on your Mac.
  • It uses intelligent software that allows it to work exceedingly well every time. It uses the least number of resources to get the most done in the shortest time. How cool is that?
  • It ensures that the folder hierarchy is maintained so that you know in which folder your emails are stored. This makes it easier for you to retrieve imported emails in Outlook for Mac.
  • It gives you a super-detailed log report that contains everything that you should know regarding the conversion and export process that happened. This is done every single time.

All about the trial

If this exporter tool sounds intriguing to you, then you may want to try out the trial version of Mail Exporter Pro. It gives you a thorough understanding of all the features that this exporter possesses. Moreover, it is free! You don’t have to pay anything for it! Try it right now!