Convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST at record time with this one-of-a-kind Mac Mail PST exporter!

Yes indeed, it is possible for you to convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST on your Mac in minutes. Let us find out how you can accomplish that with ease and comfort.

Manual versus automatic conversion from Mac Mail to Outlook PST

There are mainly two ways in which you can perform the conversion:

  • Manual method of conversion of Mac Mail emails to Outlook for Windows.
  • Automatic conversion method to export Mac Mail emails to Outlook for Windows.

In manual conversion, you would manually need to convert Mac Mail to Outlook PST. It is time-consuming as you need a lot of time on hand to perform the conversion in this way. Some tutorials help you convert and export in this way. However, they are prone to several never-ending problems. Data loss is also one of the biggest problems of this method. Moreover, other problems include the fact that attachments may not be preserved properly.

In automatic conversion, you won’t have to face the problems similar to manual conversion method. This type of conversion can be done with the help of a converter software tool. Paid converter tools are safer, faster and much more accurate compared to free converter tools. Moreover, they are more reliable and provide better security to your emails. Hence, it is ideal to use a paid converter for performing Mac Mail to Outlook PST.

Versatile way to convert Mac Mail emails to Outlook PST

No other converter is as versatile as Gladwev’s Mail Exporter Pro. This exporter, in particular, is one of the most sought after Mac Mail to Outlook PST exporters in the world. It already has a strong customer base as it is a favorite among novice users as well as professionals. The main reason is the fact that it is one of the few software tools that is a joy to use. As you must have noticed, some converters are super complicated, and you feel frustrated using them. It has never been the case with Mail Exporter Pro.

This unique exporting tool for converting Mac Mail emails to Outlook PST is simple and sophisticated at the same time. This is what makes it so good. Even if you are using this software tool for the very first time, you will feel like you know how to use it. It lets you go from one step to another with utmost ease and understanding. Moreover, it doesn’t lose its charm by being simplistic. In fact, experts and professionals love using this tool for their professional needs. That is because this exporter is fit to be used by organizations of any size at all. Let us explore the features of this exporter in greater detail.

Features of exporter to convert Mac Mail emails to Outlook PST

Mail Exporter Pro has a set of fantastic features that make it what it is; a stable exporting tool for converting Mac Mail emails to Outlook PST on your Mac:

  • It works directly on your Mac and is compatible with the latest versions of Mac. This gives Mac users an excellent opportunity to convert some or all of their Mac Mail emails to Outlook for Windows with only a few steps!
  • It is ideal to be used by anyone; whether it is beginners or experts. It is perfect for professional uses and can be used in large size organizations as well as no training to the employees is required. Every employee can easily convert their emails themselves.
  • It is extremely fast compared to other converters available at present. It takes the least amount of time to convert any number of Mac Mail emails to their equivalent PST version that is compatible with Outlook for Windows. Hence, it is quite time-saving.
  • It retains the folder hierarchy when you directly convert from Mac Mail to Outlook for Windows. In the beginning, when you are converting, you will get to see the complete folder structure of your Mac Mail mailbox. You can select particular folders from your Mac Mail mailbox for conversion.
  • It can preserve the attachments just as they are without any modification of any sort. Mail Exporter Pro can retain the attachments that are a part of any email with exact precision. It can handle nested attachments too without any error.
  • It can automatically export email data from Apple Mail to Outlook for Windows without any problems. It has the capability of automatically locating the library folder and then performing conversion on your Mac directly without any issue.
  • If there is some problem with the email or the attachment, then it will let you know about it. This exporter by Gladwev is intuitive such that if any problem ever occurs during the processing part, then it will immediately inform you about it.
  • It ensures the complete preservation of your email data every time the conversion takes place on your Mac. It provides full data retention of the email content and the attachments in your Mac Mail. It supports all languages including non-English languages and data types too.
  • It gives you an overview of what all took place during the conversion process after it has been completed. You get a log report at the end of the conversion and exporting process from Mac Mail to Outlook for Windows. Mail Exporter Pro only does this.

Get the trial at no additional cost

Want to try out Mail Exporter Pro? You can get the trial version at no extra cost! In fact, this gives a chance for you to try out how the world’s best converter feels like. Every single feature we mentioned above will be a part of the trial version, and so you can try it out entirely. Moreover, you can convert and export up to ten emails per folder in the trial version to get a decent idea of how the conversions are done and the results you get. Try now!

You can purchase the Mac Mail to Outlook PST Conversion Tool in three different licenses if you are ready to buy the App. So decide what you want! But we do recommend that you try this Mac Mail to PST Converter at least once.