Get the Best Procedure to convert outlook 2016 to mac mail

To be in this fast specific world, one must be revived with it. Well ordered the contraptions and the undertakings are changing as demonstrated by the solicitations of customers. All associations are in compaction with each other to be the best in this. The decision of changing beginning with one email client application then onto the following isn’t at all a basic endeavor, especially for the business people. Exactly when solitary expects to move, they have a fear of anticipating their ordinary action related with them as migration can achieve losing saved messages and contacts. In any case, at present, for mind blowing versatility and sufficiency, movement process occurs. The reason being File Format for both the stage are novel. Viewpoint stores data into prohibitive record position PST. Thusly, whatever be the reason behind migration a customer needs to change over its PST Files into MBOX structure. To find the best-fit option, you don’t need to move all finished and examine the online stores. Here is recommendation too among the colossal store of a couple of choices for included straightforwardness.

outlook 2016 to mac mail converter

 Various advanced features of outlook 2016 to Mac mail converter tool which helps to perform outlook 2016 to mac mail conversion.

Here is the list of various features of this conversion tool which makes the conversion task super smooth.

  1. The interface of this OLM converter ultimate tool is simple and easy to operate. In order to make it user friendly it is designed in such a simple way so that the user can operate it easily without any hassle.

  2. This OLM converter application allows the user to export all Calendar items to iCal. As the data is quite important and in order to make it safe the user easily exchange all log books, with little attention to numbers, directly to iCal. walk easily. Start to swap all your personal motivations directly to iCal now.

  3. This OLM conversion program quickly copies emails from Outlook 2016 to Mac Mail. When doing this, the program collects the original Outlook folder on your disk or network, and each folder can be stored in a separate MBOX file. Successfully exported messages can be deleted or moved to the specified Outlook folder. This allows you to run exports several times without creating duplicate messages. This utility can export all Internet headers from Outlook messages and generate special Mozilla Thunderbird headers: replied, forwarded, marked, read / unread.

  4. With the help of this tool the user will exchange all contacts to VCF. With OLM Converter Ultimate, you can exchange every necessary contact and avoid yourself from inconvenience and worry about losing them. Will protect all header information. This, perhaps the most important part of this device is how to protect everything for you, keep everything perfect and together. OLM Converter Ultimate will, of course, keep all header data fixed and protected. It gives full guarantee of accuracy.

  5. This conversion application is designed with various advanced features which helps the user to perform the conversion task fast. As in today’s life everybody is in hurry. was developed for execution. You run a strong device near and the important one is proven Time is equals to money so to save the valuable time of our user, this tool perform the conversion task with high speed and 100% accuracy.

  6. Due to data loss while performing the conversion task, most of the users are hesitant to lose their data when performing conversion tasks. But with this converter tool, during file conversion, there is no data loss. It makes the data structure secure so users can import outlook 2016 to mac mail easily and smoothly. This conversion tool is easy to handle. This utility exports e-mail messages from Outlook to the MBOX file, maintaining the original folder structure. The MBOX message database format is used by several email systems for Unix, Linux, and Apple Macintosh. In addition, Mozilla Thunderbird and Eudora for Windows also uses this format to store e-mail messages.

  7. Data can be in any language and if you have the data in non-English language and looking for its conversion then you are at right place. With this conversion toll you can easily export outlook 2016 to mac mail. It supports Unicode content. It means whether the data is in English language or in non-English language you can easily convert it, it also supports double byte character set languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc. So no worries of language.

  8. This tool preserves the email attachments and data hierarchy. There is no loss of attachments and no unwanted changes in data structure. It does not alter the data and perform the conversion task without alteration of data. So there will be no loss of data while performing the conversion task.

  9. Most of the users are dealing with nested mails issues. As mails are not coming alone. They come inside one another. Due to this it creates a complex structure. But with this amazing OLM Converter ultimate software there is no confusion. It maintains the data hierarchy.

How to export outlook 2016 to mac mail?

Here are few simple instructions to convert outlook 2016 to mac mail.

In the first step, select Outlook 2016 and then click on the tab “Next”.

outlook 2016 to mac mail

2. Here the scanning will be displayed on the screen.

convert outlook 2016 to mac mail

3. In this step it will display your folder structure. You can check or uncheck desired folders which you want to include in or exclude from the export process. Once you done then click on the tab “Next”.

export outlook 2016 to mac mail

4. Now select the desired format for output results and click on the tab “Next”.

import outlook 2016 to mac mail


5. Here you have the option to select the desired location for the exported data.


outlook 2016 to mac mail conversion

6. After selection of desired folder to save the output data. You will need to click on the tab “Save”.

how to migrate outlook 2016 to mac mail

7. The screen displays the process of conversion task.

transfer outlook 2016 to mac mail

8. Once the conversion done the user will get the complete log report.

move outlook 2016 to mac mail