Mail Conversion Problems on Mac and Windows OS
Mail Migration Solution for Mac OS and Windows PC
Some of our users who came to us after trying some competitive solutions and reported some of the facts mentioned below

Problems with Competitive Mail Migration Tools

Complex Setup

Other softwares may force the user to go through complex setup processes before even starting the conversion.

Sloppy Migration

The migration process may be slow and painful. The user may be required to stay while the conversion takes place.

Information Loss

The worst softwares may actually put the user information in danger. Months of work may be lost. Attachments may get corrupted.

Awful Results

If the migration is concluded, the results are far from perfect. Character encoding errors may appear.

Advantages of Mail Conversion and Migrations using our Tools

Mail Migration Solutions by Gladwev®

Smooth Migration

Mail migration is done blazing fast with couple clicks of the mouse as we offer solutions native to Mac OS and Windows PC . No information is lost. Everything stays in place. Few clicks and you are done with the mail conversion.

Astonishing Results

After coming back from other things, the user finds the conversion perfectly concluded. No errors , no fuss ! Simple as that !